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Cal-Bra-Hill Rabbit Club
Secretary: Dean Daglow 517-581-2032
State Director: Susan Stubbins 517-398-2878


Central Michigan RBA
Secretary: Janet Bowers 517-449-8341
State Director: Carlene Bell 517-294-0770


Great Lakes Rabbit & Cavy Shows
Secretary: Penny Sween 517-202-1618
State Director: Rob Usakowski  


Heart Of Michigan Rabbit Club
Secretary: Candy Carpenter 616-862-8616
State Director: Neva Sulpher 517-663-4429

Lapeer Area Rabbit Raisers
Secretary: Ellen Timko 810-796-2767
State Director: Dennis Keefer 810-664-2680



 Mid Michigan RBA
Secretary: Brenda Dumas 517-488-8950
State Director: Kay Pettingill 616-375-5563

 North Central Michigan RBA
Secretary: Carol Forkum 989-588-9257
State Director: Mark Kopfman 989-257-4659

Osceola Rabbit & Cavy BA
Secretary: Sherry Garrett 231-468-1233
State Director: Chris Garrett 231-912-1306

 Saginaw Valley Rabbit & Cavy BA
Secretary: Kristine Konesko 989-245-7362
State Director: Renae Slovak 810-638-5152

Western Michigan RBA
Secretary: Deb Sloan 989-817-1734
State Director: Bonnie Havlicek 989-427-5577










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 Great Lakes Jersey Wooly Fanciers
State Director:  

 Great Lakes Flemish Giant RB
Secretary: Polly Overmyer 419-307-0737
State Director: Dan Brink 616-866-2547

Michigan Angora Club
Secretary: Jamie Hacker 517-862-2150
State Director: Susan Guith 810-687-2488

Michigan Cavy Breeders Association
Secretary: Kelly Hansen 517-641-4141
State Director: Helena Hickerson 989-839-4356

 The Michigan Checkered Giant Club
Secretary: Kris Johnston 810-441-9124
State Director: Gordon Halsey 812-244-9085

 MI Dutch Rabbit Club
Secretary: Jenny Janetzke 616-642-6637
State Director: Janet Bowers 517-449-8341

 Michigan Florida White RBA
Secretary: Jane Burt 517-290-0891
State Director: Al Irelan 810-724-1325

 Michigans Holland Lop Express
State Director: Diane Drier  

 Michigan Mini Lop Club
Secretary: Kelly Hansen 517-641-4141
State Director: Kelly Hansen  

 Michigan New Zealand Specialty Cl;ub
Secretary: Katie Holcomb 616-477-1289
State Director: Henry Carpenter 517-719-1920

 Michigan State Mini Rex RC
Secretary: Penny Sween 517-202-1618
State Director: Penny Sween  

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